CS3 – Invoice Allocation for Payments received by Salesmen

Case Study

CS3 – Invoice Allocation for Payments received by Salesmen

Distribution business
Invoice Allocation for Payments Received

Our client is into trading and distribution business with a high volume of transactions and invoices. They supply stock to retailers and the transactions are frequent. The salespeople are responsible for collecting payments for the invoices issued to retailers. However the payment is done by retailers partly during the salespeople visits. 

The challenge faced by the company and salespeople is to allocate the payments received against the invoices issued to retailers. 

FactsERP was implemented and provided a mobile app extension for sales people. Using this app, the salespeople can record the payments received and select the list of open invoices against which the payment is to be allocated. This process helped in tracking the outstanding invoices which are partly paid and close the invoices fully paid. Also, salesmen can do the ageing analysis of receivables and prioritize the collections.

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