CS4 – Shopify Integration with ERP

Case Study

CS4 – Shopify Integration with ERP

Shopify Integration with FactsERP

Our client is a reputed spare parts trader based in Sharjah and Dubai. The company specializes in selling Auto Spare parts and accessories. The company started an ecommerce channel to sell the products throughout UAE during the covid times. 

However, the company was facing challenges managing the inventory, tracking eCommerce orders and updating the quantities manually in their previous accounting system. The company was facing a delay in order fulfillment due to the non-availability of stock. 

FactsERP was implemented to streamline their complete operations across accounting, inventories, sales and purchase. Also, their website which is run on Shopify platform was integrated into FactsERP. This enables them to track the orders they receive on their website from ERP and fulfill the order. Also, the inventory in both ERP and website is updated in real time. Post implementation of FactsERP the company has complete control over the inventory, website orders, payments, sales and track the customer retention which increased exponentially.

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