CS1 – Ecommerce Integration with ERP

Case Study

CS1 – Ecommerce Integration with ERP

ecommerce integration with ERP

Our client is an established dealer for auto spare parts and accessories of various brands. The client was having inventory locations along with retail showrooms to cater to both walk-in customers and corporate customers. 

The client wanted to expand its business through online channels and was looking for the best erp software for spare parts trading in UAE. The biggest challenge they were facing is to integrate the inventory level in real time with their website. 

FactsERP was successfully implemented where the client is now able to track the inventory of items in real time for both the showroom and ecommerce website. The website for the client was developed using and is closely integrated with the FactsERP system. 

The quantities of items on the website are updated in real time. Whenever an order is confirmed on the website the quantities in the ERP systems are updated in real time. When an item goes below the reorder level, the purchase department will be alerted instantly in FactsERP. This helped them to maintain the adequate stock levels of all items. Post implementation of FactsERP, our client has seen increase in sales through ecommerce and customer retention because of successful order fulfillment.

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