Warehouse Management Solution – WMS


Warehouse Management Solution – WMS

Warehouse Management Solution
Warehouse Management Solution from Dynamics Axis

Managing a Warehouse

Managing a warehouse is challenging especially if your company deals in multiple product lines or large inventory. If you are a trading company dealing with different products and inventory then it’s challenging to manage a warehouse. As a warehouse manager you are required to track the correct location of items, stock quantities and dispatch items on time. With the use of a warehouse management solution, it becomes easy to overcome the challenges mentioned above. 

When the stock arrives at the warehouse, it has to be placed in the right locations. It should be easier to find the bin or track locations while dispatching the stock. Moreover, the actual stock and the stock in the system should always match and be trackable in real-time. Without a proper warehouse management system, it’s quite difficult to manage inventory effectively. 

Warehouse Management Solution(WMS)

FactsWMS solution helps in effective management of complete warehouse. I have listed below the key benefits and advantages of FactsWMS.

Batch-wise Inventory Control: If you are dealing with products which are perishable and having expiry dates then batch-wise inventory is the perfect solution. Also, if you want to maintain your inventory with various other attributes such as pricing, then the inventory can be managed in batches. 

This helps in easy tracking of items relating to a particular batch. Also, when there is a return of goods then it’s easy to track with the batch number. FactsWMS comes with an industry standard process for easy management of batch-wise inventory.  

Serial Number Control (with Barcodes): A barcode based inventory system increase the efficiency of stock management. With enhanced functionality, all the items arriving at the warehouse can be scanned and placed at the respective locations. While dispatching the stock also, the items will be scanned which helps in easily tracking of the location of item at the time of dispatch. 

Increased Operational Efficiency: Having the FactsWMS will increase the efficiency of complete warehouse management. 

Improved Customer Service: When you receive an order from a customer, you can easily track how much stock is available and how much more to be purchased. Based on this information, you can commit with the customer on the delivery date. This helps in improved customer service leading to more sales. 

Real-Time Inventory Updates: As and when the stock arrives or dispatches from the warehouse, the quantities are updated in real-time. This helps in having accurate information of the stock availability.

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