Stock Enquiry Management in FactsERP


Stock Enquiry Management in FactsERP

Stock Enquiry Management
Stock Enquiry Management

Managing a Stock Enquiry

If you are in trading business then your staff should always have real-time information about the stock. Especially the person responsible for facing the customer should be aware of the product availability, pricing and location etc,. This becomes more challenging when there are multiple counters or sales people handling the stock enquiries. A Stock Enquiry Management feature in ERP is the right solution to overcome this challenge.

FactsERP comes with an easy to use and flexible solution for real-time stock enquiry management. Whether your staff are facing the customer in store or at customer’s location to book orders, our solution comes with real-time information to increase the sales conversion. The following are the benefits & features of Stock Enquiry Management in FactsERP

Benefits of FactsERP Stock Enquiry Management

  • Product Quantity Status: You can track the quantities currently available in stock, quantities expected to arrive from PO, and quantities which are booked by customers. Based on this information, you can commit to customers on the expected date of availability. As a result, customers will be satisfied, leading to an increase in sales. 
  • Product Locations: If you are storing your products in multiple locations, then easily track the availability of a product across the locations. If a customer wants to pick up the product from a particular location, you can quickly check if the item is available in that location. 
  • Substitute Items: In certain categories of products, there are substitutes or alternatives or compatible products. In case a product requested by a customer is not available, your sales staff should be able to recommend the alternative products. This information can be quickly accessed with the substitute feature in FactsERP. This helps in cross improved selling and upselling of products. 
  • Loss of Sale: Management should be aware and evaluate the sales they are losing due to non availability of products or high pricing. You can track the log to check the status of each enquiry, how much sale is lost and the reason for the loss of sale. This helps in taking corrective actions to avoid the possible loss in future. 

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