ERP for Fresh Food and Foodstuff Industry

ERP for Fresh Food and Foodstuff Industry

Fast Delivery, Competitive Prices and Customer service are the buzzwords in the fresh foodstuff industry in UAE. The success of a company depends on the above mentioned factors. Whether your company is trading in eCommerce, Distribution or Wholesale, having an efficient ERP software is vital.

Facts KORLAN is a custom designed ERP for Fresh Food and Foodstuff industry in UAE. Facts KORLAN covers various aspects like packaging, repackaging, distribution, consignment, warehousing, and order fulfillment etc,.

Facts KORLAN is a well known and reputed ERP solution being used by various local and international companies based in Al Aweer Market, Dubai and other parts of UAE.

Major Challenges faced by Fresh Food and Foodstuff companies in UAE
Lack of information about pricing and availability
Easy tracking oTracking of products with low shelf life and perishable
Stock control and management
Automated oCustomer service
Delivery management

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    How Facts KORLAN helps your business and Why choose Facts KORLAN
    Track accurate cost of products
    Consignment Sales process
    Many food trading companies trust Facts KORLAN
    Track the best selling and slow moving products
    Real time information about sales and inventory
    Advanced forecasting tools
    Locally developed solution with local support in Dubai
    Salient Features and Benefits of Facts KORLAN
    Local Purchase order and Import purchase order
    Complete order processing
    Damaged stock management
    Stock management with multiple units and conversions
    Automatic Landing Cost calculation
    Barcode printing and stock taking with PDA/Mobile
    PDC management
    Consolidation of Reports
    Multiple pricing structure
    Customer credit limit tracking
    Receivable and Payables Age analysis
    Very easy to use interface
    Drag and Drop reporting
    Multi company, warehouse, location or currency management
    eCommerce Integration
    Order fulfillment
    Order Tracking
    Stock Location tracking
    Automated Alerts on stock re-order levels
    Advanced Business Intelligence Reporting
    Locally developed solution