Impact of AI on ERP software


Impact of AI on ERP software

Impact of AI on ERP software
Impact of AI on ERP Software

What is AI and how its related to ERP

There has been an increased focus on Artificial Intelligence in recent years. With the use of AI across many technologies, businesses are looking forward to implementing it. Although ERPs have been traditionally streamlining business processes, AI can have a bigger impact on ERP software

Although AI has its own challenges, it provides many benefits by enabling it in the ERP systems. In simple terms, AI automates the repetitive tasks done by humans leading to avoiding manual errors. Also, AI utilizes human reasoning and behavior in providing valuable insights for businesses. 

Impact of AI on ERP Software:

Advanced Business Intelligence: For making better business decisions, the insights are crucial. With the addition of Artificial Intelligence tools, management will be able to generate advanced insights across various business functions leading to improved decision making. 

Better user experience: With the enhanced functionality and interface, users will have better experience in operating the system. Also, if you are having an integrated website or ecommerce extension the AI will add value in terms of improved customer service. 

Voice recognition: With the addition of Natural Language Processing (NLP), management and users will be able to generate reports or give instructions by voice. The ERP system will recognize the voice commands and convert it into text to generate reports or provide output. 

Planning and scheduling: The planning and scheduling activities across transportation systems or warehouses can be made easier with the use of AI. The system will automatically analyze without human interaction, the availability of vehicles or storage space in warehouses. This will help in improving the effectiveness of processes with less or no human interaction. 

Process Improvement: The overall business processes can be improved by automating the repeat tasks and removing redundant tasks which are lagging the processes. 

Improved Business Relationships: By extending the access to customers and suppliers, the information processing can become much easier. This will also help in better business relationships with the stakeholders. 

Sales and Marketing: There is availability of advanced analytics through the use of data in the system. The sales and marketing team can make the best of it to improve the lead generation, promotions, upselling and cross-selling. 

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