Benefits of Employee Self Service Portal


Benefits of Employee Self Service Portal

Employee Self Service Portal

Why is ESS Portal Important? 

In recent times more and more employees are moving towards hybrid working. Covid has changed the way employees work and employers are allowing flexibility in working models. Although the work can be managed and monitored, the HR department should be easily accessible. This is where the Employee Self Service portal will be helpful. 

Hence, with the ESS portal, employees can easily place leave requests, documents or certificates requests, easily check in from customer’s locations, and manage workflow. The availability of ESS portals on mobile or browsers gives the flexibility to employees.

Benefits of Employee Self Service Portal:

Easy Access: Your staff can easily access the portal right from their mobile phone, browser or tab. This will be highly beneficial especially if you have staff working from home or have sales staff working on the field. 

Leave Request Approvals: Staff will be able to request for leave and which the next level manager and HR manager can approve. Automatically the remaining leaves for that particular employee will be updated. 

Request of Documents or Certificates: Your staff can place requests for official documents such as salary certificate, salary transfer letter etc,. The default formats for various letters or certificates can be set as per your requirements. 

Check-in/out from Client Site: If you have sales or technical staff who are on the field, then they can use this feature. When they visit the customer location, they can check-in from the location and it will be logged in the system. This will help as mostly the sales staff are away for customer visits and their attendance can be tracked. 

Workflow Approvals: Multiple level approvals can be set using the Facts Bud-e. This will help in getting approvals online and instant. This will save so much time and also, all the approvals can be tracked.

Easy Data Capture: Your staff may want to book orders for an item which is not available in stock or they want to submit bills for reimbursements. They can easily attach bills or images right from their mobile phone. 

Task Management: Various tasks can be assigned to your team members. They will be able to track the deadlines and status of the tasks. This will help in increased productivity for the whole team. 

Company Announcements: Your company can have a dashboard where you can make common announcements for all employees. This can be about any events, news, inviting new employees onboard etc,. 

Moreover, if you are looking for more features to be added to the employee self service portal, it can be customized by us. For a free demo of our application, call now on 052 640 3949.

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