HRMS – Human Resource Management Solution


HRMS – Human Resource Management Solution

What is HRMS Software?

An HRMS is a software used to manage HR functions throughout the lifecycle of an employee. It helps your HR managers and executives to run the day to day HR operations. It also enable your employees to use the self service portal for various requests they make to the HR department. 

An HRMS solution helps the human resource department to a great extent as human capital is the most important for your company. Management of the various HR activities can be done and automated through a HRMS software

Does your business need it? 

If your company is having a dedicated HR department and having multiple business functions, then an HRMS solution is highly beneficial. Using HRMS, your human resource team can manage their day to day activities including recruitment, training, attendance, payroll and retirement of employees.  

All manual activities can be automated including the attendance, employee requests, salary calculations, terminal benefits and appraisals. This automation makes the entire HR process more effective. 

Benefits of Facts HRMS 

Our HRMS software from Facts comes with an end-to-end process starting from recruitment to retirement of employees. The following are the benefits of FactsHRMS.  

Recruitment module: All recruitment activities such as vacancies management, Interview scheduling, issuing offer letters and agent management can be carried out in the our system.

Employee Self Service: Your employees will be able to use the ESS portal to place leave requests, document requests and also to check in/out when they are out on the field. The ESS portal can be access on web browser and also as mobile pwa app. 

Payroll processing: As per the law, all the salary calculations will be done automatically and the payroll will be processed. You can define the salary structure with various categories of allowances. 

WPS Integration and SIF generation: FactsHRMS comes with wps integration for automatic salary processing. Also, the SIF file can be generated for salaries to be processed through banks. 

Salary & Allowance calculations: All types of permanent or temporary allowances/deductions can be easily configured for each employee. 

Automatic Gratuity and Final settlement: All the final settlement and gratuity will be calculated as per the law. Also, the calculation can be customized as per your company’s policy. 

Time and Attendance: Integrate biometric attendance for auto capture of in and out times of your employees. Also, Facts HRMS supports time sheets and excel imports for attendance. 

Appraisal module: As per your company’s policy, the appraisal process can be configured. The goals and questionnaire can be assigned to employee or department level for period appraisal processes. 

Transport & vehicle management: Complete fleet management can be done using the Facts HRMS. 

Integration with other ERPs: If you are already using any ERP application, then Facts HRMS can be easily integrated for smooth running of systems. 

PRO module: All the visa processing and admin related processes can be done and tracked. 

Learning & Development: Create a systematic learning process for each employee or department.

Alerts & Dashboard: Monitor all the KPI right from the dashboard. Multiple approval levels with alerts on system or through emails can be configured so that no deadlines are missed. 

Attachments & Documents: You can attach all types of supporting documents for every transaction. Easily set alerts for documents expiring such as employee IDs, Trade license or certificates etc.

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