Reasons to implement Barcode with ERP System.


Reasons to implement Barcode with ERP System.

For manufacturers and distributors, controlling your inventory is crucial. Today, technology has been built in such a way to make human life easy and error-free. Here we are introducing how the barcoding system will be useful in industries like Manufacturing / Trading with a real-time or near real-time view by integrating this technology directly with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

An ERP software is a must for most sectors. Most ERPs today, have in-built capabilities of integrating with third-party applications.  Bar code applications such as Zebra, Bartender, Wasp, and even native applications can be easily integrated with an ERP System.

Integrating barcode with ERP Software is a proven solution where the storekeeper or the warehouse manager will come to know easily at all times what you have on hand and exactly where to find it. You can avoid unnecessary purchases by knowing the item trend what is selling and what’s not, what needs to be ordered, and how soon. During the inventory level, workers are delegated with better, faster data and can do their jobs in a more productive manner.

We’ve identified some reasons to implement barcode with ERP systems.

  • Better Inventory Visibility

Many sectors are still dependent on manual data collection processes for operating inventory. Warehouse management is often connected with tedious and error-prone activities.

The advanced way to optimize warehouse processes is to implement the ERP System integrating with the barcode where the workers will get the real-time item stock management, level of goods, allocated location, and help you control expenses.

  • Improved Accuracy

Using the barcode system, accurate data will be generated which makes sense for your business and is much easier than handwriting the information, entering hundreds of item descriptions and related data physically onto a spreadsheet. Errors often result in overstocking, dislocation of the items, and delay in shipments. Manual entry can affect your business-standard.

In the ERP System, the scanned item details will be fed automatically after the scan, can easily recognize the lot number / batch number / serial number-wise, and can avoid. Also can be customized industry-wise.

  • Minimize cost

An ERP and barcode integration provides huge cost-effectiveness by providing automatic product identification, making workers more productive and efficient. Even a barcode can scan all the details automatically and will affect the real-time inventory which will immediately available to the ERP solution saves administrative labor as well, as staffs are no longer required to keep on entering from the manually generated reports.

Companies can optimize or reduce stock with a better view of inventory. A barcode solution integrated with an ERP system enables the company to make a better decision or gets a clear picture of the inventory management that isn’t possible using manual methods.

Benefits of Barcode Capable ERP

  • Inventory Management and Traceability
  • Speed of Operations & Efficiency
  • Mobility and Time Management
  • Reduce costs of hiring warehouse staff
  • Error less Inventory
  • More Informed Employees
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

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