eMirsal for Import and Export Companies

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eMirsal for Import and Export Companies

eMirsal Software for Import and Export Companies
eMirsal Software for Import and Export Companies

What is e-Mirsal?

Dubai customs has made it mandatory to use eMirsal platform for companies dealing in import and export. It is used to manage all your stock related transactions which are imported to and exported from Dubai. All the documents such as invoices, packing list, and certificates of origin are to be prepared and uploaded through the custom’s eMirsal platform.

How to use and manage eMirsal with your business software?

In fact, many companies are using ERP or Business software to manage the inventory which are not supported by eMirsal. Hence, it becomes challenging to manage the transactions on both the current system and eMirsal simultaneously. 

Hence, we are introducing FactsMirsal for your business to manage both the inventory and e-Mirsal transactions in one platform. Moreover, it is integrable to your existing ERP software. It will help in easy tracking of all the transactions and comply with the requirements of Dubai customs.

I have listed below the key benefits and features of FactsMirsal solution for your business.

Benefits and Features of FactsMirsal:

  • HSN code wise inventory masters and control: Manage and control all your products using the HSN codes for easy identification.
  • Upcoming shipment alerts: Get alerts on your dashboard or email for the upcoming shipments.
  • Barcode scanning features: Enable the barcodes system for easy tracking and management of your stock.
  • Bill of entry and exit: Track all the bill of entry/exit documents with details such as statistical quantity and gross weight.
  • Multi-currency: Manage multiple currencies depending on the location of the customers and suppliers you are dealing with.
  • Bill of entry wise stock balance: Get complete details of your stock balance, based on the bill of entry with just a click.
  • Inventory balance and stock aging: Get all types of reports including stock aging and inventory balance.
  • PWA based data collection: Enable mobility by providing PWA access for the staff who are collecting stock data.
  • Important Documents & Details: Print and manage important documents such as delivery note, packing list, and certificate origin.
  • Print in multiple formats: The output files are supported in Excel, Word, Pdf and csv for easy uploading and communication. Also the FactsMirsal comes with easy excel import option.
  • In-built BI tool: Our solution comes with an in-built business intelligence (BI) tool for enhanced reporting and analytics.

To summarize, Dynamics Axis is offering FactsMirsal Software to manage the complete inventory along with the e-Mirsal compliance for import and export companies in Dubai.

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