Tips to Find the Best HR Software in UAE


Tips to Find the Best HR Software in UAE

Every business is going to need an HR software at some point, whether you’re hiring for a full time position or just need to manage the payroll for your company. HR software can be intimidating and hard to find. You might feel like you need to jump through hoops to get the software you want, but the truth is that it doesn’t always have to be this way. There is a lot of HR software in UAE market, but finding the right HRMS software can drastically increase a company’s productivity, Therefore, allowing them to save time by digitalizing certain manual tasks Plus, avoiding the use of paper.

In this article, we are going to take a look at some tips to find the best HR software in UAE. HR and payroll software automate many of the processes your business needs to track employees, taxes, deductions, etc. Let us see more:

  1. What is HR management software?
  2. Tips to find the best HRMS in the UAE
  3. UAE specific features of HR software
  4. Key features to find in an HR software UAE

1. What is HR Management software?

HR software is a software that helps employers manage their employees. It includes payroll, employee time tracking, employee scheduling, and much more. The software is typically not just used by employers but also by employees. There are a number of benefits of using HR software. The software can help you keep track of employee time and attendance, track employee productivity, and a lot more.

HR software might be On-premise software – Cloud-based software – Web-based software – Mobile-based software The best type of HR software is the one that fits your needs best. The best way to find out what type of HR software you should use is to talk to your HR department. They will be able to tell you what works best for your company. They will also be able to help you decide on the type of software that is best for you.
Today, most HR processes can be automated through modern HRMS, so staff members can self-manage some of their HR needs, HR managers can improve processes and track requests easily, and companies can have a reliable, secure, and user-friendly HR system that serves as a base for an effective human resources department by having a cost-effective, secure, and user-friendly system.

By automating arduous HR processes, HR systems can deliver up-to-date, appropriate strategic management information at the stroke of a button by being simple, cost-effective, and cheap. It is critical to make sure that the HR system you are evaluating offers the highest level of quality and capabilities to support your workplace, since not all HR systems are created equal.

2. Tips for finding the best HRMS in the UAE

HR software is an important tool for a company to have. HR software is used to track the progress of an employee, organize the payroll, and more. It is important to find the best HR software in UAE that is affordable and has the features you need. To find the best HR software in UAE, you should first think about the type of software you need. If you need a software that is more effective for the company, a software that can provide you with the different payroll options, or a software that can help you find qualified candidates, then you should find a software that fits your needs.

It is also important to think about the size of the company you are looking for the software for. If the company is large, you should find software that can handle large amounts of data. If the company is small, you should find a software that is easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of data.

2.1 Define the needs of your company

Understanding your company’s current demands and future goals will increase your chances of picking the right software.

A clear understanding of your HRMS software requirements is crucial. For example, you should know whether you only need the basic version or modules like Employee Self-Service (ESS). In addition, you should decide whether to integrate your ERP system, whether to use your cloud or on-premises solution, etc. Also, you can create a list of daily challenges your company faces, like payroll calculations and HR administration.

2.2 Establish your budget

Choosing the best HRMS software also requires consideration of the following key factors. Spending money on software installation is allowed by your organization’s budget. Prior to purchasing analytics software for a budget, determine the budget and get management approval. If a software or firm charges you more than your budget allows, you have the right to refuse their services. Be realistic and honest about your budget, as well as your software requirements and company objectives.

2.3 Select the supplier

You have already chosen the HRMS software supplier and the program you intend to use. Now is the time to ask for a free demo to see if they integrate your existing management software and tools.
Having the opportunity to demo a vendor’s software makes it easier for you to decide which HRMS software is the right one for your organization. Make sure that all of your team members who will use this program in the workplace are present during the demo.

The vendor must provide answers to all your questions, so that employees can get the answers they need. This will lead to you being more clear as more questions are answered. Furthermore, during the demo, you will also get to know the software’s user interface and friendliness. Make sure to choose the best HRMS provider.

3. UAE specific features of HR software

The UAE market has many HRMS systems available; however, very few are designed specifically for our unique HR requirements. As a business sponsoring personnel, the company is ultimately responsible for them.
Consequently, HR departments must carefully monitor a unique set of problems and statistics, including:

  • Passports and its expiry date.
  • Emirates ID, copy of emirates ID, and expiry date.
  • UAE residency visa and expiry date.
  • Passports, visas, and medical insurance duplicates for dependents (spouses, children, nannies, and maids).
  • Healthcare insurance policies for every staff member.

All of the above are available through our HR system, with the option of subscribing to a premium service if necessary. Set up is also available if necessary.

4. Key features to find in an HR software UAE

For a successful integration in a UAE-based company, any HR system you use or intend to use must contain these 7 essential components.

  1. Accessibility on any place
  2. Attendance management
  3. Employee Self service
  4. User friendly
  5. Strong reporting
  6. Alerts and notifications
  7. UAE specific
    • The UAE seems to have a very different Human Resources environment than other regions, as previously stated. Because of this, your system needs to be able to accommodate and support the duties required of a UAE HR department, including calculating gratuities, handling unexpected public holidays, sponsoring employees, obtaining residence visas, issuing NOCs, etc.

How can FactsHRMS can help you?

Obtain extraordinary benefits by finding the right HR solution for you. HRMS software is no longer just a choice for modern organizations, but rather a necessity for any organization. From cost-effectiveness to improved employee engagement to security to improved administrative processes.

You will obtain the support of the best ally in the region by hiring our HRMS software company in the UAE. In addition, you will have access to the following services:

  • Onboarding and offboarding
  • Performance appraisal
  • Loan management
  • Attendance tracking
  • Employee benefits
  • Leave management
  • Document management and more.

All of your inquiries about our HRMS software solutions and other topics are welcome. Do not hesitate any longer; get in touch with us at +971 52 640 3910. Also, you can email us at with any questions or concerns. Our team at Dynamics Axis works hard for you!