Things to consider: Integrating your e-commerce store with ERP software


Things to consider: Integrating your e-commerce store with ERP software

Your business can get many advantages from integrating your e-commerce site with ERP software, including improved productivity, simpler operations, and better visibility into your sales and inventories.

Here are some things to consider when integrating your e-commerce store with ERP software:

  • Compatibility: Make sure your e-commerce platform and your ERP software are compatible. Orders, inventory levels, and customer information should be synchronized in real time between the ERP system and your e-commerce platform.
  • Data Mapping: ERP system and e-commerce platform should have a data field mapping. To ensure correct and automatic information transfer, check that the data fields in the two systems are same.
  • Order Processing: Decide how your e-commerce platform will handle orders after they are received. Make that your ERP software is capable of processing orders, handling returns and exchanges, generating shipping labels, and tracking order status.
  • Inventory Management: As soon as your inventory is received through your e-commerce platform, decide how it will be managed. Make sure your ERP software can control inventory levels across all sales channels and generate buy orders when inventory drops below a predetermined threshold.
    Customer Relationship Management: Determine how customer data will be managed once it is received through your e-commerce platform
  • Testing: Before launching the integration, test the system thoroughly to ensure that data is being transferred accurately and automatically.
  • Security: Protect sensitive business data and ensure that your integration is secure. Users should be authenticated, data should be encrypted, and access controls should be in place.
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support: Once the integration is launched, ensure that you have ongoing maintenance and support for both your e-commerce platform and ERP system.

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